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Who it is recommended for?

Clean bottled air is recommended for everybody!
However, there are certain groups of users
that ought to pay more attention to the
question: ˝What do I breathe every day?”


Using airbreath® bottle air every day is recommended for the following users:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • office workers
  • athlets
  • children
  • senior citizens
  • persons suffering from asthma and chronic illnesses

Pregnant and breastfeeding women


During the past few years, there has been a lot of research on the (harmful) effect of polluted air on pregnancy. It has been proven that the exposure of pregnant women to air pollution increases the risk of preterm labour and slows the development of the foetus. This happens because pollution reduces the  amount of nutrients and oxygen that the unborn baby receives while it is developing  in the uterus.  In order to prevent long-term negative effects on the health of the child , pregnant women are recommended to spend as much time as possible in  clean and unpolluted air. With airbreath®, this kind of air is always within arm’s reach.

Alongside pregnant women, senior citizens are definitely the most sensitive group in society. Seniors have weakened immune systems and are physically weaker in general, which means that they need more time to recover from illness, and that their bodies are less resistant to bacteria, viruses and infections. With age, it becomes more difficult for the body to filter and break up the harmful compounds  that we inhale, which is why senior citizens often suffer from heart and lung diseases. Airbreath® can help you stay healthy and enjoy your golden years to the fullest.

Senior citizens


Office workers


People that spend a lot of time sitting in an office often suffer from headaches, allergic reactions, irritated mucous membranes, poor concentration, fatigue and inexplicable mood swings.  All of these symptoms, together with similar health problems, are the consequence of certain toxic substances in our environment  that accumulate in all large indoor systems, such as office buildings.

In order to avoid the ailments that are a result of the so-called Sick Building Syndrome, we recommend regular  use of airbreath®.

Although, at first glance, it may appear that young people who are active in sports and similar physical activities might not be susceptible to illness caused by air pollution, research indicates otherwise. Scientists have come to the worrying discovery that small air polluting particles may be able to damage the internal blood vessel walls even when it comes to young and active people. This increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and heart attack. Likewise, poor air quality may affect the results of athletes.