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About us

airbreath is a registered trademark of the AIR RIO company, a company for production and services based in Mali Lošinj in Croatia. airbreath was created in 2016 with the idea and intention of providing every person on this planet with access to natural, clean and health-giving air. We are aware of the fact that not everybody has the luxury of enjoying the therapeutic effect of our climate every day, which inspired us to invest considerable effort and dedication into launching this product on a global scale.

During our travels throughout the world, we encountered many different customs, cultures and specific features, as we did problems – particularly in large urban areas, where the problem of air pollution is very much pronounced. This is how we came upon the idea to provide everybody with the possibility to help themselves when needed – and not just with any plain old product.

It certainly bears repeating that our air is nothing less than one-of-a-kind, as it is not only clean and fresh but also possesses medicinal properties. These medicinal properties have been scientifically proven and confirmed by eminent doctors and professionals from Croatia and abroad for more than 130 years. As they say – the evidence is in plain view. Bearing all this in mind, we are very proud of our idea to offer something truly special to the world.

We strive for perfection and put ourselves in the shoes of our customers every day, thinking about how we could satisfy their needs even more. This is why our desire and goal is to be unique in this segment, in which the superior quality of our air is one of our key assets.

We look towards the future with optimism, and we are aware that competition in this area is developing. However, this only further motivates us to remain recognisable in our uniqueness and to be a global leader in this segment.