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 Laboratory testing has confirmed that the air in the bottles is of exceptional quality

Why air?

Air with medicinal properties

The modern way of living in polluted areas leads to various illnesses of the respiratory system. The cure for such illnesses is going to areas that are not polluted – however, this is not always possible. This so more gave birth to the idea to fill bottles with clean air that people may reap the benefits of this air in a more convenient manner and create a pleasant atmosphere.

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Filling location

Island of Lošinj – Croatia, an oasis of pristine nature

As the entire island is covered with a variety of medicinal plants which, in combination with favourable air currents and sea aerosols, enrich the air of the island, we are always in search of the best location for capturing air of the highest quality.

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Doc. dr. sc. Branko Vukelić, Doctor of Medical Sciences

“This unique, health-giving blend has a beneficial effect on the bronchial tree and cleanses the lungs.”